Opening of the INNOLIVING – EMSPHERE showroom


4 world-famous brands Hisense, Toshiba Gorenje, and Asko join forces. Opening of the INNOLIVING – EMSPHERE showroom for the first time in Thailand. A source of innovative electrical appliances and world-class home electronics.

Hisense, a manufacturer of home appliances and electronics, Toshiba, a manufacturer of the world’s leading TVs, Gorenje, a European manufacturer of innovative kitchen appliances, and Asko, a High-end Scandinavian kitchen appliance brand, joining forces to open a showroom INNOLIVING-EMSPHERE. A source of innovative home electrical appliances and world-class electronic equipment on the 2nd floor of the Emsphere Shopping Center for the first time in Thailand, confident that it will be the most modern new showroom in Thailand where consumers will have new experiences like never before.

Chanchai Bhandhufalck, Sales and Marketing Director of Hisense International (Thailand) Company Limited or Hisense, said that we have been on the market for over 55 years, and our products are recognized by consumers around the world for their innovation, technology, quality, and reliability. It is Hisense’s core DNA that focuses on “User-focused technology” which is a focus on the needs and better experiences of consumers, and “Premium Quality” is a focus on processes, standards, and quality that will make consumers trust Hisense’s products that customers can choose to buy and use according to their needs, whether it be home appliances and B2B electrical products, including medical equipment products.

At present, single-function products cannot meet the diverse and personalized needs of consumers; usage patterns have become an important issue in the future of the home appliance industry. Hisense has launched a future technology strategy, “The Scenario-driven Future of Tech.” All products will be displayed according to various use cases, such as a 120-inch laser TV to meet the needs of home theaters and a fun and virtual gaming experience in the game, and we hope to provide a different experience for consumers.

For Thailand, Hisense has entered the market since 2016. We have grown continuously and rapidly because our products focus on offering products with technology, design, and quality that consistently meet the needs of consumers, which makes our market expand and grow sustainably and quickly. In the TV product group, we focus on marketing products in the Premium group, ULED TV, and Laser TV technology. As for the refrigerator product group, we will focus on multi-door and Side by Side products, which will bring vacuum preservation technology to market. As for washing machines, we will focus on front-loading washing machines with WiFi systems that can be operated through the ConnectLife application to take care of clothes, wash and dry with a steam system, eliminate germs and allergens better, and save energy. Hisense has imported a new technology, an air conditioner product, the Fresh Air model, which comes with new technology In the TV product group, we focus on marketing products in the Premium group, ULED TV and Laser TV technology. As for the refrigerator product group, we will focus on multi-door and Side by Side products, which will bring vacuum preservation technology to market. As for washing machines, we will focus on front-loading washing machines with WiFi systems.

In addition, Hisense is also the official sponsor of UEFA EURO 2024 for the third time in a row (2016, 2020, and 2024), Hisense has pushed the limits of science, technology, and innovation in the spirit of pushing boundaries. Hisense is a representative of a wide range of home electrical appliances and responds to consumer needs under an image that emphasizes “user-focused technology” and “premium quality” for customers to choose and use.

Mr. Tatsuhiro Nishioka Brand Manager, Global Operation Divion: Toshiba TV (TVS REGZA Corporation, JAPAN) said Toshiba TV is a leading TV brand that is recognized around the world as a premium-quality TV brand that comes with Japanese charm and style that is unique, simple, but stylish with innovation and modern technology. As the leader in technology and innovation, the product group Toshiba’s TVs are meticulously created from high-end to basic TVs that come with the most realistic and excellent picture and sound quality, as well as meeting and responding to the lifestyle needs of a variety of customers.

Opening our first showroom in Thailand at INNOLIVING-EMSPHERE, we are preparing to showcase high-end to mid-range models with the latest technology, the innovative REGZA ZR from Toshiba, and a nostalgic photo booth organized by Showcasing retro Toshiba TVs from the 1970s, for this showroom we want to give Thai consumers an immersive experience with Toshiba TV technology.

“We are very proud to launch our premium showroom in Bangkok this time. In Japan, Toshiba has been the number 1 quality TV brand in the Japanese market for 2 years, with a volume share of 24.9% in 2023, and we are also expanding our business in Thailand quickly as well.

Mr. Adrien Mousset, Sales & Marketing Director (AEC Region) of Gorenje said that Gorenje ‘European premium kitchen appliances’ will help your comfort in your everyday life. At this showroom, customers will gain experience with electrical appliances beautifully designed and that can meet their needs. In addition, the company places importance on maintaining a sustainable environment and recently, was awarded for it’s efforts by the EcoVadis Silver Medal.

Gorenje is a lifestyle brand and collaborates with world-renowned designers like Philippe Starck and Ora Ito who signed their latest collections. The high-end and elegant design will suit classic to modern design kitchens. homeowners who love design or interior designers can come to see and try all the products at this showroom. It will help give you inspiration for decorating your home as well.

With minimalistic design and easy to use functions. we believe that innovation and technology and completely new services combined with modern features are the reason for our slogan: Life Simplified. We believe that having a showroom will help create a good experience for customers.

For Thailand, Gorenje are in the market since 2017 and distributing through our kitchen partners which we be able to display just a few models to match to the space and area. So, this showroom will be the place where we can show our full range of products. It is also nice for the homeowner or interior designer to be able to get inspired by our designer collection. Because here we can display

collections from both Philippe Starck and ORA ITO. At this showroom, we will organize cooking activities for customers throughout the year. We have a Live island kitchen, that will allow customers to come experience and try out our products because we believe that the kitchen is not just a part of the house but is the center of the family. Therefore, it is not surprising that the movie industry often picks up stories about the kitchen to inspire us amidst an atmosphere filled with happiness.

Ms.Hermina Kovacic Global PR & Marketing (Asko) : said that Asko has High-end kitchen appliances with a unique Scandinavian design Outstanding with modern innovative technology. The elegant craftmanship using high-end and durable materials combined with the most advanced

cooking precision technologies, fully meets the needs of every user with its functionalities and provide the best cooking experience to its users. Asko also intends to develop environmentally friendly products, with a focus on energy-efficient design and the use of long-lasting, environmentally friendly materials in production.

In addition, the market for luxury to ultra-luxury home projects in Thailand can continues to grow. We, therefore, believe that bringing Asko into Thailand will bring color and help this group of customers have more diverse options. This showroom, besides giving opportunities for customers who are homeowners to come and see the products for themselves. It can also be a meeting place for our business partners to exchange good experiences about our various products.

Collaboration of 4 world-famous brand partners, such as Hisense, Toshiba, Gorenje, and Asko in creating the INNOLIVING-EMSPHERE showroom on the 2nd floor of Emsphere Shopping Center. It is so that customers can experience and have access to innovative technology in electrical appliances, including electronic devices in the home, to create an experience that inspires them to live a life combined with technology that is at the next level for even more convenience.

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